SHE'S A NATURAL, Q:A @kasha.cabato

Q:  your style in 3 words?

A:  Eco-friendly, Feminine, Adventurous

Q:  Being an eco blogger takes passion about the earth and environment, I think all Ecopreneurs have an eye opening moment that caused them to wake up and want to do more, what was yours?

A:  I took a class on sustainability during my senior year at Parsons that really opened my eyes to the negative effects the fashion industry has on the planet. At the time I was a total fast fashion addict, so the idea of giving it up while I was graduating and getting accustomed to working in the real world felt overwhelming, but the negative effect of my actions always stayed with me. I love nature and seek solace in an ocean swim or mountain hike, but it felt like my love of fashion was in direct opposition with that side of me. Finally in 2015, I was at the right place in my life to make some drastic changes, so I decided to figure out a way that I could still express myself through fashion, but in an  environmentally conscious way - and I started Green with Style to document the journey. I haven't set foot in a fast fashion store in years, which has lead me to discover amazing eco-friendly brands like Greenlee Swim! I have found that I definitely don't need to give up feeling stylish and beautiful for being environmentally responsible, it's all about being selective about the brands and stores you choose to support. 

Q:  What inspires you?

A:  Fellow eco bloggers, as well innovative eco businesses. It's amazing to see the ways people are changing the world for the better.

Q:  What flower or plant  describes your current mood?

A:  A cactus, because they're drought tolerant and therefore good for the SoCal climate. 


Q:  Where is your favorite beach?

A:  Lanikai Beach in my hometown of Kailua, Hawaii. Best beach in the world!

Q:  If you were a sea creature, what would you be and why? 

A:  I've always liked jelly fish because they're beautiful yet fierce.

Q:  When your packing for the beach what are the top 3 things in your beach bag?

A:  Always a Swell bottle or mason jar filled with water to stay hydrated while avoiding single use plastic, a reef-safe sunscreen like the Sport Sunscreen from Juice Beauty, and my iPad to read or listen to music with.

Q:  What’s your favorite color & how do you incorporate it into your style?

A:  My favorite color is pink but I'm pretty careful about incorporating it into my wardrobe. I think brighter shades of pink can look a little gaudy and be too strong to wear very often. I try to remember the 30 wears rule whenever buying something new (will I be able to wear this at least 30 times) so I usually stick to light, blush pinks - they go with everything! 

Q:  What’s on top of your avocado toast?

A:  A dash of Himalayan salt and I'm a happy girl, but the best avo toast I've ever had was in Melbourne, Australia and was piled high with fresh herbs.

Q:  Finish this sentence - I put Coconut Oil on _____________.

A:  My arms, legs and chest for a serious GLOW. 

Q:  One thing you want us to know about you?

A:  If you're thinking of trying a more eco lifestyle, follow me on Instagram @kasha.cabato for my ecofashion tips and preferred brands.