Q:A Meme Queen Riley Beek November 25 2017

How do you know her?  That's Easy... she's the Founder of @Bitc.h with 5.3M followers to date.  She's Funny, She's Witty, and oh yeah..this California Native loves Bikini's.  Follow her personal style adventures on instagram @rileybeek

GS: What’s your everyday style?

RB: "Most days I’m running around to meetings and doing errands, so I try and keep it casual-chic. My tried and true outfit is typically a white t-shirt, distressed jeans, white converse, and my trusty leather jacket. Since we’re so #blessed in SoCal to have sunny weather year-round, you can normally find me in a bikini on the beach by 2 o’clock!"

GS: Favorite essential clothing piece?

RB: "Like I mentioned above, I have about 6-7 different leather jackets that I basically live in. That and a well-fitting, flattering bathing suit are, in my opinion, key pieces in any wardrobe!"

GS: Mixing or matching bikinis?

RB: "Mixing, 100%! There’s definitely a time and place for everything, but most days I love mixing colors/patterns to create different looks. That’s one of the reasons I love Greenlee swim so much, they have that “mix n match” aspect so down!"

GS: Favorite style of bikini?

RB: "This past summer I’ve really gravitated toward bra-style & halter tops with cheeky bottoms, or a low cut one piece! I love the halter tops, I think they’re really trending right now and are super flattering on everyone. I’m obsessed with Greenlee’s Scoop Halter top! A year ago I probably wouldn’t be caught dead in a one piece, and now I probably own about 9 or 10?! They’re so sexy and can be doubled as a body suit! Win for win!"

GS: Best Bikini-Body workout?

RB: "Truth: I’m a workout junkie. I don’t necessarily workout to achieve a “bikini body”, however that is a nice side effect of regular exercise! I like to stick to workouts that are fun and different, since routine can get pretty boring. Hot yoga, pilates, and boxing are some of my favorite workouts that torch calories!"

GS: Patterns or Solids?

RB: "Oh, tough one! Both? It depends on how I’m feeling that day! However I think I definitely lean more towards prints…I’m a sucker for a cute printed bottom and solid top combo. "

Style Feature:  Sweater Weather with Riley Beek + Greenlee Swim + Belladaar + Sonix