Tropical Street Style by: Casey Evans September 28 2017

"Tropical Street Style" 

....At least that's what I like to call it.  What I really mean is my swimwear collection has outragiously out numbered any other drawer in my closet so I've been forced to incorporate bikinis with every outfit.  I started investing in tops that can be worn as a bra for layering purposes.  You know those "flowy" bohemian tops with the low cut sides, perfect for wearing a cute printed bikini top.  The Aqua tie back bra top is my favorite! 
I do most of my errands in the morning and reward myself with an afternoon beach session right after so it's much easier to wear a bikini bottom under my clothes.  I love the comfort of the brief bottom, it fits just like my favorite pair of undies yet cheeky enough for a good tan at the beach.  
This year instead of buying the same two-piece bikini I've been trying to venture out into new swimwear trends, like one pieces and high waist bottoms.  Not going to lie, at first I felt pretty awkward wearing anything above my belly button but it's actually a really flattering style.  The retro short bottoms come up high enough to cinch in my waste and and sucks in my food belly.  Instead of wearing a cover up over the bikini I recommend throwing on a loose sweater or graphic tee and tucking it in the front.  The bottoms work like a pair of mini high waisted shorts.  
Also, I when I find a brand that I love....that's it! I usually will not stop until I have every print/style my hearts set on.  What's really fun is mixing n' matching pieces from the same collection or brand.  It's my secret hack for looking "effortless" like I just grabbed whatever out of my bikini drawer.  Wearing the two together gives it a matching feel, without the look of being too put together. 
So you can say that the pace of my growing swimwear collection isn't slowing down any time soon.  That being said, a part of me feels semi-responsible to make a conscious effort to purchase fabrics and pieces that are more eco-fiendly and recycled. Thankfully Greenleeswim makes it much more guilt free to shop.  If I can't fight the urge to splurge, might as well make if an up-cycle purchase worth while!


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